Manufacture of cleaning supplies

For more than two decades now, it is of paramount importance for Brilliance Kft. to provide our customers with products and services that represent real quality. Our products are 100% self-developed while we also undertake toll manufacturing alongside our own portfolio: on the basis of brought and own recipes. We refuse to offer products or services that we do not believe in and cannot be proud of. We provide maximum value for all the money invested by our customers!

Who are we?

For more than two decades, Brilliance has been developing every year, even when it was a world crisis. We believe that everything depends on people, so we do not accept that we would not be able to maintain development for reasons beyond our control.

Five arguments for Brilliance Kft.!

  1. We have over twenty years of experience in the development of industrial and hospitality cleaning products.
  2. Through our customers, we know the Hungarian requirements perfectly and offer them practical solutions in the highest quality.
  3. Our HACCP-compliant products have all the necessary certificates so they can be used with great confidence in the food industry and in kitchens.
  4. Our concentrates and super concentrates provide space-saving storage, since thanks to the dilution ratio of 1: 5, for example, 100 litres of industrial degreaser super concentrate can only be stored in a 20 litre bottle.
  5. Most of our products are designed for multifunctional use, so they are perfect for cleaning several surfaces at the same time.

Environmental protection

Brilliance Kft. is committed to a sustainable environment!

Diluted, used products are already 80-90% degraded in 30 days, so they do not pollute the environment.

We consider it important that we protect our environment as much as possible during the production, storage and use of our products, so we pay attention from the beginning to maximally comply with environmental regulations and legislation.

Cleaning supplies’ webshop

Cleaning supplies from webpage!

With over twenty years of experience, we know exactly what cleaning supplies are needed in an industrial facility, in the hospitality industry, or in a private kitchen. It is a priority for us to provide our customers with the ideal solution. Whether it’s the strictest hospitality HACCP standards, industrial disinfection, or family barbecue cleaning, our range includes products that can help you do your job quickly and efficiently!

Cleaning supplies from

Brilliance® is an official webshop.


Cold and hot degreasing products that satisfy your needs in home and industrial environment!


You can prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi by quick and effective disinfection.


Are you fed up with poor quality descaling products, and you cannot reach the desired results with your home practice?

Window cleaner

Effective strip-free window cleaners with which you can make the most dirty glass surfaces perfectly clean.
Cleaning supplies web shop

Air freshener

Quality air freshener products for home and industrial environments.

Drain cleaner

Where the pig gets stuck, and none of the store drain cleaners help, it is still worthwhile to use the drain cleaner products of Brilliance!

Coffee machine cleaner

Efficient and easily removes the lime scale from various coffee machines and kettles.

Car cleaner

Efficient and easily removes the dried impurities, daily dust and dirt layers from the vehicles.


Skin-friendly, eco-friendly detergents that can be used to clean the baking sheets and plates without scrubbing and scratching.

Toll manufacturing with stable foundations!

Do you want to appear on the market with your own branded cleaning products or other chemical products? Choose from nearly a quarter-century experience of Brilliance tisztítószer Gyártó Kft. and stable foundations for manufacturing!

Release your imagination, we realize your product/products, from idea to delivery to your warehouse. So you don’t have to worry about costly storage, unnecessary handling of materials, ever more complicated domestic and EU laws.

So, we offer the following:

  1. Product development
  2. Safety data sheet creating (CLP)
  3. Legal advice (soap tax, ADR, SEVESO, HACCP, disaster management, biocide regulation …etc.)
  4. Licensing (National Public Health Service, National Institute of Chemical Safety, Office of the Chief Medical Officer of State, ECO label…etc.)
  5. Design, marketing experiences
  6. Purchase and storage of raw materials
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Packaging
  9. Delivery (ADR)

All this according to your needs at competitive prices!

Introducing the Brilliance Kft. team!

Our company was founded in 1995 by two brothers, which has now become a real success story. Brilliance Kft. provides efficient degreasing and disinfection systems for industrial and HACCP systems, for large kitchens, restaurants, institutions, cleaning companies and other industrial facilities. In fact, we have now appeared with our popular products in the retail market, as the quality of our super concentrates and excellent value for money have attracted the attention of the private sector.

We’ve been developing every year for almost two decades of Brilliance Kft., even when it was a world crisis. We believe that everything depends on people, so we do not accept that we would not be able to maintain development for reasons beyond our control.

Where did our customers try the products?

Cleaning companies, in plants, manufacturing hangars, large kitchens. Effective cleaners and disinfectants are essential here, as cleanliness is a prerequisite, and in addition, there are a lot of rules to follow. Professional users know our cleaning supplies from that they are concentrated, not dilute, economical, since all our cleaning supplies are developed according to the needs of our customers.

We do not attack those who serve high standards. We support their efforts and strive for cooperation. We are only attacking those (with fair market conditions) who are misleading, pointing wrong, or deceiving and exploiting others unfairly.

What else does our creed contain?

We believe that products and services should be of high quality. The best, according to our abilities. We refuse to offer products or services that we do not believe in and cannot be proud of. We provide maximum value for all the money invested by our customers.

We believe that the foundation of our business is the customer. It gives our strength that we are able to serve them. In everything we do, we are honest, trustworthy, and act with their interests in mind.

We believe in the importance of our colleagues. We respect those who are in contact with us. We respect them as our fellow human beings, we respect their right to make a decision to determine the goals of their professional career. We will never treat people as objects that can be manipulated according to management purposes. To the limit of our possibilities, we do our best to provide our employees with workplace conditions for their personal goals. We need to create a corporate atmosphere and conditions that make those who feel inspired, develop, learn, have the opportunity to promotion, to greater success without depriving them of their freedom to make decisions.

We believe that profit earned by decent and honest work is a good thing. Profit allows us to maintain our business, it depends on the profit whether we are able to achieve the goals for which we have created our business. We are not willing to cooperate with our clients on a non-profit basis unless we fail to meet their needs.

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